“A tournament with a sexist history of disrespecting the WTA”

The Madrid Open 2023 has come under fire from the tennis community after women’s doubles finalists were not allowed to give speeches during the award ceremony. This incident follows several controversial incidents during the tournament, such as Aryna Sabalenka receiving a smaller cake than Carlos Alcaraz, late scheduling of matches by Iga Swiatek, and the use of ball girls only for big matches in the men’s draw. Coco Gauff, who was part of the women’s doubles final, tweeted the speech she was denied, sparking outrage from fans who accused the tournament of being misogynistic and biased against the WTA. Some fans have even called for the tournament director, Feliciano Lopez, to be fired.

This incident highlights the ongoing issue of gender inequality in the world of sports. Despite the efforts made to bridge the gap between men and women’s sports, incidents like this reveal that there is still a lot of work to be done. The Madrid Open’s treatment of the women’s doubles finalists has been described as disrespectful and unfair. The fact that players were denied the chance to give speeches during the award ceremony sends out a message to the world that women’s achievements are not valued as highly as men’s.

Tennis players and fans have expressed their outrage on social media, calling the Madrid Open sexist and misogynistic. The incident has generated a lot of attention and has been condemned by several tennis commentators and analysts. Fans have also shown their support for Coco Gauff and the other women’s doubles finalists and have called for changes to be made in the way women are treated in sports. It remains to be seen how the organizers of the Madrid Open will respond to the criticism, but this incident serves as a reminder that gender inequality is an issue that needs to be addressed not only in sports but in all areas of society.

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