Mexican soccer team Muxes finds strength in LGBTQIA+ roots

Club Deportivo Muxes is claiming to be Mexico’s first inclusive team in soccer that represents and supports the LGBTQ+ community. CD Muxes was founded by a group of friends who were motivated to create a team that would directly and proudly stand up to homophobic gestures. What’s happening on the field is only part of their story and objective. They’ve used their platform to educate, promote and engage in social change that they believe can be achieved through the sport. In doing so, they’ve swiftly become one of the more compelling teams in Mexican fútbol.

In a country where an infamous anti-gay goalkeeper chant is heard in some Liga MX and men’s national team matches, Muxes’ message of inclusivity and support for LGBTQ+ values have made them a target. During their debut season in 2020-21 as a professional side, opponents would make anti-gay comments during games. Rival fans would also yell insults and call the club a “princess team.” However, Muxes have since transformed into one of the top clubs in their division by defeating most of their rivals. They finished the 2022-23 Liga TDP regular season in second place of their group, and are currently in the regional quarterfinal stage of the promotional playoffs. Should they reach the final, a place would then be earned in the Mexican third division.

Muxes was founded by individuals in the LGBTQ+ community, but the organization has made a point to not be exclusive to only those members. While the women’s team is mostly made up of players from the community, the professional men’s team currently has just one. Both objectives have to be carried out in parallel, demonstrating that they can combine the sports part with the social and cultural parts. The entire team of professionals that make up the club makes sure the project is successful. CD Muxes are surpassing early hurdles and influencing Mexican soccer in their own way. Bigger clubs, including several in Liga MX, have taken notice of Muxes’ success by signing several youngsters from the team’s fledging academy.

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