How did LIV Golf land this week’s venue? With help from a PGA Tour winner

Cedar Ridge Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the latest club to be added to the LIV Golf Invitational Series. The idea came from former Oklahoma State teammate, Charles Howell III, who contacted new Cedar Ridge Country Club president, Billy Lowry, to suggest the venue. Cedar Ridge, which was the host for the 1983 US Women’s Open, prides itself on being a technical course with a reputation as one of the toughest courses in the state. The tournament will feature 48 of the world’s top-ranked players including Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson.

However, the tumultuous history of LIV Golf has brought some negative reactions to Cedar Ridge’s decision. With funding from the Saudi Arabian government, LIV Golf has had legal clashes with the PGA Tour, and has brought several human rights violations from the regime into question. Some critics have asked Cedar Ridge to refuse the invitation. Nevertheless, the club’s 500 members have not expressed any negative feedback so far, and LIV’s historical sites have resolved any potential clubhouse renovation fees, encouraging club operators to negotiate with LIV.

Oklahoma is a golf-savvy state that is no stranger to hosting golf events. While LIV Golf has faced a lukewarm reception at some locations, Cedar Ridge’s technical course could garner significant attention from golf enthusiasts. Moreover, the pack of Oklahoma State players in the field at Cedar Ridge could boast a passionate and dedicated golf fanbase in the region. While some controversy accompanies LIV Golf for its funding and legal battles, as well as questions about its future, Cedar Ridge is poised to host a riveting and captivating tournament.

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