New York, California Investigate NFL

Attorneys general of California and New York have launched a joint investigation into the workplace and hiring practices of the NFL. The investigation comes in response to allegations of discrimination and harassment made by former employees. New York Attorney General Letitia James confirmed that subpoenas have been issued. It will also investigate possible gender pay gaps.

Last year, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told James and the attorneys general of five other states that the league was working towards establishing a diverse, bias-free workplace. However, the New York Times reported earlier this year that more than 30 former female league employees faced retaliation after filing gender-bias complaints with human resources, while the NFL refutes the allegations. The joint investigation will examine past wrongdoing by the NFL and the Washington franchise.

The NFL responded to the allegations by reiterating that it does not tolerate discrimination, and that it offers a workplace in which employees of all genders, races and backgrounds can thrive. The investigation will focus on allegations of harassment, discrimination and objectification in the workplace and on pay disparities. The joint investigation highlights the growing scrutiny of companies by state attorneys general who are increasingly taking up the mantle of investigating worker treatment issues, particularly regarding women and minorities.

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