British coronation brings massive Lions Super Bowl omen

The Detroit Lions finished the 2022 season with a 9-8 record and just missed out on the playoffs, but fans are feeling optimistic about their chances in 2023. With an improved squad, the Lions may be able to make a run for the NFC North and find their way into the postseason. This optimism is perhaps fueled by an odd coincidence: the last time England had a coronation in 1953, the Lions won the NFL championship. Fans are excitedly predicting another championship win for the team in connection with the 2023 coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla.

Despite the fact that there is no actual connection between the coronation and the Lions’ ability to win the championship, fans are still excited at the thought of history repeating itself. While the team is not considered Super Bowl favorites, they do have a decent chance of making the playoffs and anything can happen from there. It’s safe to say that if the Lions do end up winning it all, fans will be hoping for another coronation in the near future so they don’t have to wait another 70 years for a championship.

Overall, the Lions are looking promising for the upcoming season and fans are eagerly anticipating their chances in the NFC North and playoffs. The connection between the 2023 coronation and the Lions’ championship win in 1953 is purely coincidence, but fans are taking any win they can get and hoping for the best.

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