Bengals’ 2023 NFL draft class ranked top 5 in value

The Cincinnati Bengals have received high praise after their performance during the 2023 NFL draft. The team explained that they mainly stuck to their draft board and didn’t feel as if they missed out on any prospects. This was reflected in the draft class value ranking where the Bengals came in fourth overall and was one of two teams that didn’t “reach” for any prospects.
The Bengals had eight picks and earned endless strong grades for their performance. In the draft class value ranking, their average pick value was +11.6. The team’s biggest steal was CB DJ Turner, who was a second-round pick at No. 60 overall and received a value point score of +27. The team’s biggest reach was WR Charlie Jones, a fourth-round pick at No. 131 overall, who received a value point score of +3.
Overall, the Bengals have been praised for their performance, especially for a team drafting near the first round. The team is comfortable with their draft, including their biggest reach in Jones, who they see as a possible base-offense starter and key player in special teams returns. The success during this year’s draft may benefit the team in drafting future top prospects as they continue to prove themselves capable of drafting high-value prospects without overreaching.

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