Young chess enthusiasts making moves in Timmins

École secondaire catholique Thériault in Timmins is hosting this year’s Provincial Franco-Ontarian chess tournament from May 3 to 5. More than 200 students from 27 schools across the province participate in the event, which includes eleven students from the Theriault chess club. The winners of this tournament will move on to the nationals in Calgary, scheduled for the summer. 

The annual event includes high school and elementary school students of all skill levels competing over three days. The tournament is not open to the public. When Thériault hosted the event in 2018, around 400 participants attended, but this year, because of the pandemic, they have had to reduce the number of the attendees.

Valérie Vachon, the cultural and student life lead at École secondaire catholique Thériault, said that the tournament gives the students a chance to interact with francophone students from other communities. “The reality in Timmins is not the same as the reality in Toronto. There’s going to be a nice exchange between all these kids,” she said. She added that it’s a great chance to learn as well.

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