World chess champion shows how to win in the game of chess and in life

Orrin Hudson, a former Alabama state trooper and Air Force veteran, is a world-renowned chess champion who is now helping others win in the game of life through his chess board. Hudson is the author of the No. 1 Amazon best seller One Move at a Time, How to Win at Chess, and Life and the founder of Be Someone, a Georgia-based nonprofit that provides youth-focused leadership skills development programs. The program teaches how every move made, whether playing the game or living as a citizen in society, has a corresponding positive or negative consequence.

WBRC’s Jake Stansell sat down with Hudson for a game of chess and a one-on-one conversation, learning a move or two about the game and life. Hudson believes that life is like a game of chess, and he teaches kids to think critically and strategically. He emphasizes that it is essential to think before you act, as every action has a consequence that could be positive or negative. Hudson also believes that chess can help strengthen character, enhance problem-solving skills, and develop critical thinking.

In summary, Hudson teaches life skills through chess by emphasizing the importance of critical thinking, strategic planning, and careful decision-making. He believes that every move has a corresponding effect, whether it is playing chess or living in society. Hudson’s nonprofit, Be Someone, provides leadership development programs that help youth build character, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Through his teachings, Hudson hopes to empower youth to become strong leaders who can face life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.

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