Vancouver chess player is Canada’s newest international master

Max Gedajlovic is a chess player from Vancouver who learned to play chess when he was in grade four. He rapidly improved in the game and even represented Canada in the World Youth Olympiad. Gedajlovic became a master when he was fourteen years old but couldn’t break through to the next level. However, after a four-year hiatus, Gedajlovic earned enough norms to become Canada’s newest international master at the age of 21 in a three-month span.

Gedajlovic is currently a student of economics at UBC, but his recent successes have made him think about a career in chess. Gedajlovic says he also loves coaching other players and plans to spend some time in the Czech Republic competing against international masters and grandmasters. His ultimate goal is to attain the grandmaster title.

Most chess players hit a plateau, and it becomes challenging for them to break through and get to the next level. Gedajlovic believes that a lot of people have mental blocks that limit their abilities. He suggests that players need the correct opportunities to help solve this problem. Chess requires a lot of practice, study and work to become a master or an international master. However, everyone’s journey in chess is different as there is no single formula to achieve success.

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