Lima Senior CTAG students compete in first ever chess tournament | News

Lima Senior High School Closing the Achievement Gap students in Lima, Ohio, have held their first chess tournament after being inspired by the 2013 film Life of a King, which follows the story of Eugene Brown, a man who is released from prison and teaches inner-city children how to play chess. Students take up the game after watching the film every year; they asked to create a tournament, as in the movie, which became a reality last week. The tournament was run using official rules and carried a cash prize. The game of chess is seen as beneficial to the student’s development especially as it builds self-confidence and the ability to think ahead.

Bryan Miller, director of Movement Academy with Lima City Schools, says that thinking ahead several moves in the game of chess can translate into skills for life; anticipating one’s actions to make life safer and better for the individual. The tournament was a great success, and it is hoped that it will become an annual event, with even greater participation in the coming years.

This Lima Senior High School story reinforces the age-old adage that chess is a game of wit, intelligence, strategy, and self-improvement. It builds cognitive thinking, strategizing, and logical thinking and is beneficial to players of all ages and backgrounds. Moreover, it is a game of common ground, allowing people to come together for a battle of the minds.

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