The three free agency paths the Lakers can take this offseason

The Lakers have decisions to make about their point guard situation for next season, with D’Angelo Russell’s future with the team uncertain. Despite his poor performance in the Western Conference finals, the Lakers’ record after the trade deadline and Russell’s production in previous playoff games are also factors to consider. The Lakers could choose to keep their core together and extend an offer to Russell, or explore trade options for a replacement, such as Malik Beasley or Dejounte Murray. Another option is to split the difference and prioritize re-signing other players while using the full non-taxpayer midlevel exception to try to keep Dennis Schroder.   

The Lakers’ decisions will also have to be made alongside uncertainty about LeBron James’s future retirement plans. However, the Lakers’ momentum going into this year’s playoffs could make the team more appealing to free agents. Despite the recent trade for Russell Westbrook, the Lakers are still looking for a point guard who can help them compete for another championship. The Lakers have limited cap space, which could make signing a free agent difficult, but seems to be considering options such as trades or re-signing current players to fill the gap.

Ultimately, the Lakers face a difficult decision about their point guard situation this offseason. The team could choose to maintain their current core, search for a replacement for Russell, or try to find a balance between these options. With momentum from this year’s playoffs, the Lakers must act strategically to ensure that this success carries over into next season.

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