Police conduct welfare check on Grizzlies’ Ja Morant after posts

Police officials in Tennessee went to check up on Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant after posting strange messages on his Instagram account. The messages included a blue heart emoji. However, Morant is reportedly fine and just taking a break from social media. This is not the first time Morant has been involved in off-court incidents, with the NBA suspending him in March after a video showed him holding a gun while under the influence of alcohol at a Denver club.

Morant’s off-court issues come as a contrast to his impressive basketball performances this season. He helped the Memphis Grizzlies secure the No. 2 seed in the playoffs in the Western Conference, averaging 26.2 points a game. Additionally, he recently signed a five-year $194 million max contract, and held endorsement deals with Nike and Powerade, which has been put on hold because of his off-court behavior. While he did not make the All-NBA team, his earnings would have escalated to a supermax had he made it, which cost him about $39 million in future earnings.

Morant is not alone in this issue; many athletes have faced similar challenges regarding their social media use. The Grizzlies now face the challenge of not only supporting Morant, but also ensuring that all their players display responsible behavior on and off the court. Overall, the situation underscores the consequences and tradeoffs that come with athletes’ large contracts and endorsement deals, and the potential fallout from problematic off-court behavior.

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