NBA playoffs 2023 – Experts’ picks for the conference finals

As the NBA playoffs continue, two surprising teams, the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat, are facing off against tough opponents in the conference finals. The Lakers, seeded seventh, defeated the defending champion Golden State Warriors behind the play of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, while the eighth-seeded Heat rode the playoff heroics of Jimmy Butler against the New York Knicks. However, their challenges are about to get much tougher, as the Lakers take on top-seeded Denver Nuggets and the Heat compete against the familiar second-seeded Boston Celtics.

NBA experts have weighed in with their predictions on who will reach the finals, with a majority predicting the Nuggets to best the Lakers in six or seven games. However, several experts are still giving the edge to the Lakers, with Ramona Shelburne and André Snellings both predicting a Lakers victory in six or seven games. Meanwhile, experts’ picks for the Celtics-Heat series will be revealed on Tuesday.

As the playoffs continue, fans will be eager to see whether these underdog teams can continue their impressive runs and pull off even more upsets in the conference finals. The Lakers and Heat have proved that anything can happen in the playoffs, and it remains to be seen whether they can continue to shock the basketball world with their performances against tough competition.

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