Lakers reminded of ill-fated 2021 trade as they trail Nuggets 3-0

Denver Nuggets guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has spoken about the special bond that his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers, had during the COVID-19 pandemic. While other teams were forced to pause their seasons, Caldwell-Pope said that the Lakers stayed together and kept in touch through group chats. Although Denver now has a commanding 3-0 lead over Los Angeles in the Western Conference finals, Caldwell-Pope’s former team remains special to him.

The Lakers have struggled this season while the Nuggets have become a stronger team and added depth. Caldwell-Pope, who was once considered a minor player for the Lakers, has become a critical role player for the Nuggets and helped to drive them to their current strong position. The Lakers have faced challenges throughout the season, including injuries to both LeBron James and Anthony Davis, and made a trade for Westbrook that they had hoped would fill the gaps.

While the trade initially seemed to be working for the Lakers, it has been less effective recently and the team is struggling. Now Caldwell-Pope is playing a crucial role for a team that could be on its way to the NBA Finals, highlighting the unpredictable turns that sports careers can take. Despite the challenges and changes, however, Caldwell-Pope remembers the bond that his Laker teammates shared and their resilience during the pandemic.

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