Jokic on Game 5: 'We were the aggressors'

In an interview after the Denver Nuggets’ victory against the Portland Trail Blazers in Game 5 of their playoff series, Nuggets center Nikola Jokic stated that his team was “the aggressors.” Jokic attributed this to a shift in mindset, where the Nuggets were not just reacting to the Trail Blazers’ plays but also initiating their own plays. He emphasized that this mindset was crucial to their victory.

Jokic further elaborated on the importance of aggressiveness, saying that it led to better performances from both himself and his teammates. He noted that when the Nuggets were passive and not attacking, they tended to struggle, but when they played with energy and confidence, they played much better. He also said that the team recognized this and made a concerted effort to be more aggressive in Game 5.

Finally, Jokic acknowledged the challenge that lies ahead for the team, as they head to Portland for Game 6 with the series tied at two games apiece. He stated that the team was prepared for the challenge and that they would continue to play with the same aggressiveness that propelled them to victory in Game 5. He also acknowledged the support of Denver’s fans, saying that they played a big role in pushing the team to victory. With Jokic’s leadership and the team’s newfound aggressiveness, the Nuggets are poised to continue their playoff run and potentially advance to the next round.

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