‘It’s gonna be epic’ – Stephen Curry and LeBron James face off – again

The Golden State Warriors have reached the second round of the NBA playoffs after beating the Sacramento Kings 120-100 in Game 7 of their first-round series. Stephen Curry was in impressive form, scoring 50 points to lead his team to victory. Despite the Kings being one of the young teams hoping to dethrone the Warriors, Curry and his teammates proved too much for them on this occasion. The Warriors will now go up against the Los Angeles Lakers in a match-up between two of the NBA’s biggest superstars, Curry and LeBron James. The match will be the first time the Warriors and the Lakers have met in the playoffs in 32 years. Although this year’s playoffs have had some thrilling games so far and have been packed with exciting young teams, it appears that the two teams led by the established stars of the league remain the favourites.

The Warriors’ run of success over the past decade has seen them become one of the most compelling teams in NBA history. Curry’s 50-point performance in Game 7 demonstrated his impressive skillset, with many of his points coming from his mastery of the short game. One of the keys to the Warriors’ success is their ability to create space, which enables Curry to pull defenders and pass the ball to his teammates. Even when things do not go his way, Curry maintains a positive attitude, which he believes helps him to stay in the present moment and not get caught up in overthinking.

The Warriors will now face the Los Angeles Lakers, who beat the Memphis Grizzlies to advance to the second round of the playoffs. The match-up between Curry and James will be one of the highlights of the playoffs, showcasing two of the game’s greatest ever players. Despite being in the twilight of their careers, James and Curry continue to show the ultimate competitiveness and their appreciation of the game.

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