Giannis Antetokounmpo ‘forever grateful’ to Mike Budenholzer

Giannis Antetokounmpo, the star player for the Milwaukee Bucks, thanked former head coach Mike Budenholzer on Instagram for their five seasons together, sharing photos of their embrace after winning the 2021 NBA Finals. Budenholzer was fired last week following the Bucks’ first-round loss to the Miami Heat, despite their record as the top overall seed in the NBA playoffs. Antetokounmpo became a two-time MVP under Budenholzer, and the Bucks achieved a record of 271-120 in the regular season during his tenure.

Budenholzer also posted a farewell message on Instagram, thanking the city of Milwaukee and the Bucks organization for their support and treating his family like their own. He recounted their championship win in 2021, the first for the team in 50 years, and the joy of the parade through the streets of the city. Despite their success under his leadership, Budenholzer’s dismissal was driven by the disappointment of losing to a low-ranked opponent in the playoffs for two consecutive years.

The relationship between Antetokounmpo and Budenholzer has been fruitful, although the Bucks’ recent playoff failures ultimately led to Budenholzer’s firing. Despite this, both men expressed gratitude for their time together and the championship they won with the team. As the Bucks search for a new head coach, it is clear that Budenholzer made a significant impact on the organization and its players during his five years in charge.

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