‘Emo Austin Reaves’ born in Lakers’ Game 2 NBA playoffs loss

The Los Angeles Lakers are now down 2-0 to the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference finals. The team suffered a 108-103 loss, with their guard Austin Reaves tying with LeBron James as their high scorer with 22 points. However, the attention was on Reaves’ post-game look – messy, wet hair and a black t-shirt – which inspired some fans to dub him “Court Cobain,” or perhaps “Pistol Pete Wentz” would be a better nickname.

Despite the tough situation, the Lakers are heading back home for Game 3 on Saturday. With a home record of not having lost during the postseason, fans are confident in the team’s ability to face the Nuggets with “a sense of poise and rationality.” Whether or not Reaves will continue to embrace his emo aesthetic remains to be seen, but for now, he remains a standout player.

It’s unclear what went wrong for the Lakers, but fans remain optimistic about their potential. Reaves may have become a meme thanks to his post-game look, but his 22 points in Game 2 demonstrate that he’s an important player for the team. As they head into Game 3 with the comfort of their home court, the Lakers have the opportunity to turn the series around and secure a spot in the NBA Finals.

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