Clippers president: Commitment to Kawhi Leonard, Paul George remains

Lawrence Frank, the Clippers’ president of basketball operations, has said that the team will continue to build around Kawhi Leonard and Paul George despite being knocked out of this year’s playoffs due to injuries. Keeping the two stars healthy has been challenging, with George missing the final nine games of the regular season and the entire first round due to a sprained right knee, while Leonard suffered a torn meniscus in his right knee in the previous round. Frank says the team will take the next few weeks to determine the best route to recovery for Leonard, adding that maintaining good health is paramount in the team’s ongoing efforts to win a championship. Frank confirmed that both players are eligible for extensions up to an additional four years and $220m, with those negotiations expected to begin. Frank also said the Clippers will take the regular season more seriously next season, giving the team a better chance of making the postseason. The Clippers have faced huge expectations due to the amount of investment made in the roster by team owner, Steve Ballmer. With limited assets in hand, the Clippers will have to be creative in improving around Leonard and George if they are to make next year’s postseason a more fruitful experience.
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