5 takeaways from Celtics’ impressive Game 2 victory over 76ers

After being sidelined for almost two weeks with a sprained right knee, Joel Embiid returned to play for the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Boston Celtics. However, despite Embiid’s return, Philadelphia suffered a 121-87 loss, with Embiid only managing 15 points, three rebounds, and five blocks. The Celtics made several tactical, physical, and emotional adjustments which led to their victory, including their increase in 3-point shots, which were lacking in the previous game, and their defensive play that denied Philadelphia’s attack.

Despite several attempts by the Sixers to get back in the game, the Celtics dominated nearly every aspect. Boston made 51 attempts from long range, outscoring Philadelphia by 33 points on threes. Despite Embiid’s return, he looked rusty and robotic as the Sixers played out of rhythm to incorporate their MVP back into their team’s play. Boston’s players were motivated and passionate, crowding out the other team consistently and pressuring them into mistakes.

The Celtics’ depth proved critical to their dominance in the game, with Malcolm Brogdon scoring 23 points and the bench outscoring the Sixers’ reserves 52-26. Despite some role players’ success at home in the playoffs, Philadelphia will likely have to diversify their offense and defensive play if they hope to advance to the next round. Meanwhile, Boston’s tactical, physical, and emotional adjustments may prove key to their success in the series.

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