2023 NBA playoffs: Second-round series, Finals, MVP odds

The first round of the NBA playoffs is coming to a close, with the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings facing off in Game 7 and the Los Angeles Lakers preparing for their next opponent after defeating the Memphis Grizzlies. The second round of the playoffs will begin on Saturday, with the Phoenix Suns facing off against the Denver Nuggets. Caesars Sportsbook has released the odds for all the series, championship, and MVP winners.

The odds for the first round series currently stand at +600 for the Sacramento Kings and -900 for the Golden State Warriors, with the series tied 3-3. The second round series odds are currently at +105 for the Denver Nuggets and -125 for the Phoenix Suns. The odds for the Boston Celtics are -300 against the Philadelphia 76ers, while the New York Knicks are at -160 against the Miami Heat.

The championship odds for the NBA currently stand at +165 for the Boston Celtics, +390 for the Phoenix Suns, and +650 for the Los Angeles Lakers. The odds for the NBA Finals MVP are +215 for Jayson Tatum, +450 for Kevin Durant, and +800 for both Jaylen Brown and Joel Embiid. Devin Booker and Nikola Jokic are currently at +900, while LeBron James has odds of +900 and Stephen Curry is at +1200. Anthony Davis has odds of +1500, while Jimmy Butler and De’Aaron Fox are currently at +3500.

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