02:57Kenny: James Harden showed me something in Game 4

In the latest episode of TNT’s Inside the NBA, Kenny Smith discussed how James Harden’s Game 4 performance in the Houston Rockets’ series against the Oklahoma City Thunder showed him something new about Harden’s game. Despite struggling with his shooting, Harden made a crucial block in the final minutes of the game that helped seal the victory for the Rockets. Smith said that this shows Harden’s willingness to impact the game in a variety of ways and not just rely on his scoring.

Smith also praised Harden’s leadership skills, saying that he has become more vocal on and off the court this season. According to Smith, Harden has been a calming presence for his teammates and has been able to keep them focused and motivated throughout the playoffs. Smith believes that this leadership has been a major factor in the Rockets’ success this season.

Finally, Smith discussed the importance of the Rockets’ role players stepping up in the playoffs. He mentioned Eric Gordon, Austin Rivers, and Robert Covington as players who have played crucial roles in the Rockets’ playoff run so far. Smith emphasized the importance of these players providing support for Harden and Russell Westbrook, and allowing them to have more space and freedom on the court. He also noted that the Rockets’ success will depend on the continued contributions of their role players as they face tougher opponents in the later rounds of the playoffs.

Overall, Kenny Smith’s analysis of the Rockets’ playoff performance highlights the importance of leadership, versatility, and role players in achieving success in the NBA playoffs. Harden’s willingness to impact the game beyond scoring, coupled with his improved leadership skills, has been instrumental in the Rockets’ playoff run. Additionally, the contributions of their role players have been crucial in allowing Harden and Westbrook to play more freely and efficiently. As the Rockets move forward in the playoffs and face tougher opponents, these factors will continue to be important for their success.

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